Women's Chest Support & Posture Corrector - Body Shaper & Corset Shoulder Brace

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Women's Chest Supports & Posture Corrector - Body Shaper & Corset Shoulder Brace


  • COMFORTABLE: The VistaHue women's posture corrector is made of 85% Nylon and 15% polyester fiber. Made from breathable and durable elastic. The wide shoulder straps can provide chest support & lift, giving your bra an extra uplift.
  • X-BACK STRAPS: The criss-cross design of chest brace targets the upper back to help support the back and aligning by gently pulling the shoulders back to offer therapeutic relief.
  • PUSH UP BRA SUPPORT: The strap goes under your bra line and provides a nice firm support. Perfect to be worn underneath your clothes to give your bra an extra uplift.
  • POSTURE CORRECTOR: The personal posture corrector brings your shoulders back into the right position and improve for a better posture, while relieving strain on your back and neck.
  • WOMEN'S BREAST SUPPORT BRA:  Our chest brace shape-up bra adds U-shape design to help you prevent your chest droop and gather the breast effectively, avoid breast compression while adding a mild push-up effect and improving look of natural breasts.  Looks fantastic under a low-cut shirt.
  • BACK SUPPORT:  The back brace gives a gentle tug at your back and reminds you to straighten up. Gradually, the bra will improve your posture and humpback, makes you more and more confident.
  • COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT:  This posture corrector bra is made of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex,which provides maximum comfort and breathability. Wide shoulder straps helps to release your shoulder pressures, wouldn’t cut into your shoulders and it won't cut the skin your armpit side.
  • THIN MATERIAL & 3 HOOKS IN FRONT:  This Bra Shaper is made with breathable, high elastic material, thin and easily worn under fitted clothing.  With 3 adjustable hooks, you can easy to wear and adjust it for a snug fit at all times.





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