Blue Comfort Total Travel Pillow - Twist Cushion with Neck Support

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  • Adjustable pillow: Using microbeads, this ergonomic pillow twists, and contours into any position.
  • Firm & supportive: Made from brushed fleece and spandex, support your head, knees, and more.
  • Many uses: Use the pillow as a neck rest, headrest, lumbar support, floor pillow, or seat cushion.
  • Great for travel: Bring your comfy pillow on the flight or in the car for easy travel.
  • An original product: Total Pillow is an original product by Hampton Direct designed for comfort.

Girl sleeping on passenger side with beige & brown Total Pillow, the amazing versatile pillow.

The amazing, versatile pillow filled with tension-easing microbeads that twists, turns and contours to many different shapes.

Use as a neck rest to provide firm and support. Great for long distance travel - on the plane or car.

Versatile and innovative shape allows for many uses. Use as lumbar support on the kitchen chair, sofa or bed.

Back of man's head withbeige Total Pillow wrapped around his neck.Provides firm and support to neck.

The opening in the middle allows you to insert through luggage handle or hold with your hand or through your arm.

Total Pillow inserted through metal luggage handle. Luggage is blue. Pillow is great for travel.

Total Pillow is made of brushed microfiber and stretchable fabric for comfort and relaxation.

Three different ways to twist Total Pillow. use it as neck rest, lumbar support or chair cushion.

It's filled with tension-easing microbeads, which makes it easy to contour to many shapes. Use as a chair cushion, neck rest, floor pillow or lumbar support.

Lady in the office using a blue Total Pillow on her back as lumbar support. Talking and typing.

Use virtually anywhere you need support for your back, neck or legs. Adds comfort in the office, due to prolonged sitting in one position.



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